book of ashes

The Book of Ashes (Permuted Press, Dec 2015) … The Night Plague devastated humanity. Vancouver Island is a feudal wasteland ruled by the Hell’s Angels. In a trailer by the forest, retired school teacher Cory O’Neal composes a history of the plague. But the more he writes, the more his history resembles a confession. Beautiful, haunted Joanna Ward was the most brilliant and gifted student of Cory’s career. During a troubled year in a dysfunctional private school, they forged a bond that led to accusations of improper conduct and Cory’s departure. But in the intervening decades, Canada has become increasingly rocked by civil unrest. The RCMP suddenly evacuates Cory’s town and a mysterious epidemic explodes from a lab where the adult Joanna works, leaving unsettling questions:

What really happened between her and Cory that final year?
How does the rise of a sinister cult relate to the spreading chaos?
Will the events that ended Cory’s career also end Mankind?


Kezzie of Babylon (Permuted Press, March 2015) … The zombie apocalypse begins the same night your stripper-girlfriend skips town with that $5,000 you owe your drug dealer. Fortunately, you know a place you and your best friend Frankenstein can hide out – a marijuana grow-op in the hinterlands of rural BC run by a psychopathic evangelist who believes she is the Angel of Death. Go on, take a toke and relax. Everything’s going to work out fine …


Echo (Drollerie Press, June 2011) … Fifty years ago, the crew of the Echo took refuge on the planet Hegemony, leaving their starship in orbit behind them.  Fifty years later, the descendants look to the light passing in the night sky and wonder … Only two generations elapsed before knowledge of the Echo and Earth vanished.  All that remain are the Tales: seemingly nonsensical nursery rhymes devised by the Echo’s crew to preserve knowledge of the ship and its operation for future generations.  But over time these have degenerated into puzzling fragments.  Petra the Tale-Keeper senses that life on Hegemony is changing and so imposes order by creating a religion based on the Tales.  She claims that the light sweeping overhead is an angelic being with whom she alone can communicate.  But Sarai, a misfit outcast, finds the Echo crew’s first encampment and a computer containing a record of their journey.  As Petra seizes power by murdering any who would stand against her, Sarai returns from the desert bearing the truth.  And under a blood red moon, a prophet enters the City …



The North Atlantic Protocol (Storm Rhino Press, December 2017) … An enigmatic British operative flees America using a stolen passport. A Vanguard-class nuclear sub docks in Halifax, then embarks on a clandestine mission to the Norwegian Sea. A deepening political crisis, a Russian fleet massing for war and a shocking discovery that re-writes history all collide in a complex game of nerve and nuclear brinksmanship in the North Atlantic where the stakes are winner-take-all. 


Certain Fury (Storm Rhino Press, March 2017) … THE MISSION: Storm the White House. Locate the President. Secure the nuclear codes at all costs. After weeks of increasingly erratic behavior, the President of the United States has gone insane. When Congress and a divided cabinet trigger the Twenty-Fifth Amendment in an effort to remove him, the enraged President responds with force and locks down the White House. The Vice-President and Joint Chiefs initiate Operation CERTAIN FURY, a top-secret contingency plan to remove the President by force and secure the nuclear codes. Secret Service Agent Gregory Wallace and Special Forces Major Bruno Fasanella are two heroes on a collision course. With time running out, an ambitious military strike on the White House encounters an embattled yet determined crew of Secret Service agents and rogue Marines determined to hold the fort at all costs. As America teeters at the abyss and enemies stir abroad, the fate of the nation and the world hangs in the balance. Two men stand willing to die for what they believe is right. Can democracy be saved, or will the very gamble to overthrow the government doom the country?


Gavin’s War (Kindle Worlds, Fall 2015) … He was an old man who lived alone on an island in the channel, culling seal and raptor and sounding the schools of deep ocean cod for research. Nothing changed for him, even after the Foundation (and everyone else, so far as he could tell) was destroyed in the Event. But when a young, pregnant couple comes bearing tales of a Chinese naval vessel scouting the BC coastal islands, Gavin must make the choice whether to remain aloof or embark on a voyage to warn the scattered communities of Canadian survivalists populating the islands to prepare for an invasion.


Gavin’s Woman (Kindle Worlds, Fall 2016) … Three years have passed since Gavin Mackenzie died defending his island, three years since Iris took refuge in a feminist survivalist enclave on Whidbey Island, sheltered by a stern but caring warrior-woman named Raven. In that time, Iris has given birth to Gavin’s children and mastered the ways of kung-fu. She returns, determined to raise her children on Gavin’s island, only to encounter U.S. Army ranger Kendra Dern, part of a vanguard deploying cautiously forward into the channel waters of post-Event BC. But what should be a natural alliance is complicated by the arrival of a Chinese naval construction team. Dern urges an attack while Iris stands firm, determined to adapt and endure. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. The Chinese team are on site, more Rangers are en route and two women – one a trained spec-ops warrior and driven American patriot; the other, a Canadian mother and disciple of magic and martial arts – square off for a battle that will leave only one of them standing.


The Meditation Machine (ON-SPEC Magazine, Q1/2010 Issue)
Invention (Abyss & Apex Magazine, Q3/2010 Issue)
Last (Not One of Us, issue #44, Autumn 2010)
A Better Offer (AE – Canadian Science Fiction Review, Vol. 2, No. 1; Spring 2011)
River Fever, Part 1 (Dark Valentine online, March 14th 2011)
River Fever, Part 2 (Dark Valentine online, March 15th 2011)
Soul of the City (Crossed Genres, April 2011; reprinted in Great Jones Street, Winter 2017)
My Dumb Summer Job (Big Pulp, June 2011)
Still Life With Unicorn (Dark Valentine, Summer 2011)
In light … (Darker, March 2012)
The Equation (Phantasmacore, June 2012)
The Malthus Alternative (Cast of Wonders, August 2012; reprinted in Great Jones Street, Winter 2017)
Coyotes (Kzine, September 2012)
Imprint (White Cat Magazine, October 2012)
Breathing Room (The Red Penny Papers, October 2012)
Time Out (Roar and Thunder, February 2013)
Insolvency (Dark Edifice Magazine, August 2013)
Nice (Kaleidotrope, Autumn 2013)
Kezzie of Babylon (DEAD NORTH: AN ANTHOLOGY OF CANADIAN ZOMBIE FICTION, Exile Editions, October 2013)
Snap (Expanded Horizons, July 2014)
Flowers for the Dead, Part 1 (Cast of Wonders, 24 Aug 2014)
Flowers for the Dead, Part 2 (Cast of Wonders, 31 Aug 2014)
Eternal Reich (STILLE UNTOTEN!  Fringeworks UK, December 2014)
Journey to the Light (Trigger Warning, 27 July 2015 – reprint of “In light …” [Darker, 2012])
Mr Johnson & the Old Ones (CTHULHUSATTVA: TALES OF THE BLACK GNOSIS, Martian Migraine Press, May 2016)
Ghost Boss (Crimson Streets, July 2016)
Splitters (Great Jones Street, Winter 2017)
Marius & the Scorpion’s Nest (Crimson Streets, 9 July 2017)
Showdown at Rig City (The Will to Survive hurricane relief anthology, February 2018)


“Humanity rebuilt …” (Thaumatrope, July 4th 2010 issue)
“The aliens vowed …” (Thaumatrope, August 21st 2010 issue)
Filling the Hat (Flashes in the Dark, January 11th, 2011)
Doorways (Eric’s Hysterics, April 2011)
In Committee … (Eric’s Hysterics, June 2011)
Home (Fiction365, June 30th, 2011)
Winter Tale (CBC website, December 4th, 2011)
Huck Frankenstein (Flashes in the Dark, April 5th, 2012)
Somenos Marsh Blues (CBC Website, April 19th, 2013)
Leidenfrost (Flashes in the Dark, May 13th, 2013)
Streams (Bohemia Journal, September, 2013)


To Russia, With Apologies (Abyss & Apex, 19 June 2014)
Cults (Permuted Press guest blog, Winter 2015)
Zombiedammerung – Twilight of the Walkers (Cat Rambo guest blog, 11 March 2015)
Mason’s List of Horror (David Wilbanks guest blog, 28 March 2015)
Death of a Nation: Canadian vs American Post-Apocalyptic Visions (Sean T. Smith guest blog, 24 April 2015)


With Cautious Anticipation: A Review of YOU MIGHT SLEEP … by Nick Mamatas (The Internet Review of Science Fiction, May 2009)

Science, Wisdom and the Storyteller’s Art: A Review of VIXEN by Bud Sparhawk (The Internet Review of Science Fiction, November 2009)


I was in the house when the house burned down (New Center, 17 April 2018)
The Importance of Hating Jordan Peterson (New Center, 28 April 2018)


A Third-Path Military Option in North Korea (, 4 Sept 2017)                        Nuclear Tic-tac-toe on the Korean Peninsula (, 1 Feb 2018)
Canada’s New Arctic Imperative (, 7 Feb 2018)
ISIS Returnees: Security Implications for Canada (, 2 Mar 2018)

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