Much ado about writing …

Just received my invitation to the release party for LICENCE EXPIRED, the new anthology of James Bond fiction featuring my story “Daedalus”. Unfortunately the party, like the book’s publisher ChiZine, is in Toronto but it’s the thought that counts. “Daedalus”, set between the events in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and THUNDERBALL, has Bond journeying to Leichtenstein on personal business. But his vacation is interrupted by an unexpected reunion with Pussy Galore, who convinces Bond to help her take down the rapacious German financier and SMERSH cut-out Von Horgen. ChiZine’s LICENCE EXPIRED drops 17 November.

Permuted is planning an October roll-back of my zombie novel just in time for Halloween. KEZZIE OF BABYLON will be going for just $.99 the last week of October as part of this promotion:


Horror week is coming soon.

Final preparations are underway for the December release of my post-apocalyptic novel THE BOOK OF ASHES (Permuted Press). This will be my second appearance with Permuted and I couldn’t be more pleased. THE BOOK OF ASHES, set on Vancouver Island, explores apocalypses both personal and global …

The Night Plague devastated humanity. Vancouver Island is a feudal wasteland ruled by the Hell’s Angels. In a trailer by the forest, retired school teacher Cory O’Neal composes a history of the plague. But the more he writes, the more his history resembles a confession.

Beautiful, haunted Joanna Ward was the most brilliant and gifted student of Cory’s career. During a troubled year in a dysfunctional private school, they forged a bond that led to accusations of improper conduct and Cory’s departure. But in the intervening decades, Canada has become increasingly rocked by civil unrest. The RCMP suddenly¬†evacuates Cory’s town and a mysterious epidemic explodes from a lab where the adult Joanna works, leaving unsettling questions:

What really happened between her and Cory that final year?
How does the rise of a sinister cult relate to the spreading chaos?
Will the events that ended Cory’s career also end Mankind?

THE BOOK OF ASHES is scheduled for a 15 December release.

Received word from my editor Felicia that ECHO, the first book of my five novel arc, the “Echo Quintet”, is next up on her schedule. This is a re-release (third edition) of a novel first published in 2011 by the now-defunct Drollerie Press. Look for ECHO, which concerns the descedants of a marooned human starship crew struggling to survive on a harsh and inhospitable planet, in May, 2016.

I am plunging ahead on my next work in progress: WHITE NIGHT. It’s a detective novel, but one completely unlike any you have ever read before. I’m reluctant to venture into too much detail except to say that my research for WHITE NIGHT has me reading up on nuclear warfare, twins, criminal psychology and the biographies of several early Twentieth Century magicians.

Meanwhile, GAVIN’S WAR continues to sell quite well. Several pieces of short fiction have been short-listed, including my first Lovecraftian effort “Mr Johnson & the Old Ones”, tentatively slated to appear in Martian Migraine Press’s forthcoming antho CTHULHUSATTVA. My work-room continues to be a constant hive of activity.



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