Why NDP?

  1. Because Harper’s neo-liberal policies have driven us to the edge of a social, ecological and financial abyss. And when the damn thing is to your right, you pull left as hard as you can. The New Democratic Party is Canada’s modern socialist alternative and the only party equipped to undo the damage of the Harper Revolution. How hard is that to understand?
  2. Because the Liberals have flubbed the last 3 elections in grand and ridiculous style and give no indication of having abandoned their worship of a 1970s political zeitgeist. They have proven themselves to be an ineffective, incompetent and spent force in Canadian politics. Goodbye, Columbus …
  3. BECAUSE JUSTIN GOT NO GAME. Weeks before the most important election in Canadian history, he is being eaten alive by attack ads and offering nothing more compelling than “Harper hates burqas” and “here’s an economic plan”. He’s PIERRE ELLIOT TRUDEAU’S son, for God sake! He should be grabbing the country by the balls and making it listen! But he isn’t. How well do you imagine he would fare in negotiations against a guy like Putin?
  4. Because the NDP swept Quebec and Alberta and we have an army of a quarter of a million people natonwide knocking on doors, gaining Canadians’ confidence and trust the old fashioned way: by talking face to face. This is an election that will be won by word of mouth and heart to heart. It’s time to expand the engagement of responsible, working-class Canadians – people with a real stake in our country’s future. It’s time to undo the fiscal and environmental excesses of Harper’s Canada. It’s time to re-examine our treaty process and commit to serious, meaningful reconciliation with our First Nations people. It is time to take our country back and distance ourselves from the militarism and monopolism of Catastrophe Capitalism and join with the more progressive nations of the non-aligned and anti-austerity movements.

I am an old school New Democrat. I joined this party back in 1982 when the great Ed Broadbent led us. The vision then, as now, is a fair, secure and stable Canada founded on humanitarian, ecological and social justice principles. We’ve had enough of the tedious back and forth between Grits and Tories, chasing an unattainable, moving target of free market mayhem while our environment, our people and our democracy suffer. Time for a third way. Time for a real socialist revolution in Canada.

Stand with us. Stand for Canada. Vote NDP.



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