Harper 3.0

It occurred to me during a discussion on a friend’s Facebook wall that I have some perspective to offer on the Harper Revolution in light of what I experienced living in the States. Here’s a view of what’s probably in store if we get Harper 3.0.

You can count on healthcare becoming privatized. Completely. No more free doctor, hospital visits and low-cost/insurance matched surgeries.  You’ll struggle to pay your biggest monthly bill – health insurance (those of you who can afford it, which will be the minority of Canadians) because if not, a catastrophic illness or chronic medical condition will lead to automatic bankruptcy. (“Economically unsustainable!” you cry. Until you consider how the social financial loss will be off-set by property and asset seizures by the private sector. Because that’s how these guys roll. Repossessed houses are big business in the States!)

E.I. benefits will be slashed. Max time on E.I. will drop to 6 months at a stretch, and you’ll get a total of maybe 5 such periods. For life. That’s right. In an entire working career, you will be entitled to 2.5 years on unemployment, tops. (Don’t believe me? It’s what happened in the States under Clinton. Clinton. Think about that for a second.)

‘Right-to-work’ legislation will likely be enacted. This means employers will be allowed to hire and fire at will, without cause and without due process. This will be implemented along with foreign worker programs to ensure Canadians are replaceable with low cost alternatives for a fraction of the wages. (This is how the economies of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona function right now.)

You can also count on privatized prisons. In the Neo-Con world, prison labor is fair game as a revenue generator. For-profit prisons are big business in the States. Think there’s nothing wrong with prisoners’ labor being sold for profit? Hey, you’re in good company because neither did the Nazis. Privatized law enforcement is also on the table … and has already been implemented in some jurisdictions here in Canada. Anything to keep that virtuous circle of men, money and material flowing between the military, law enforcement and private security.

It’s a good bet all this will happen if Harper gets back in because it’s the same program being enacted in all the major western democracies right now. It’s called Globalization.

Canada has a choice. Join the neo-con revolution or become more like Denmark, Norway and other progressive countries that prioritize health and human services over militarism and economic exploitation. It’s our choice. Up to us. But if Harper gets in one more time, his revolution will be complete and there’ll be no going back. This is the most important election in Canadian history.


G20 solidarity protest, Clark Drive, Vancouver. July 4, 2010. (Stephen Hui)


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