Sober-dialing Elvis

My participating in this sci-fi love-fest kicked off by Alyx Dellamonica is utterly laughable. First of all, because I’m an asshole. But secondly because I barely inhabit the sci-fi community. I visit it now and then but, as usually happens when I visit gated communities, they call the cops on me. Still, I attend its outskirts. Live in the pumphouse. Mow the lawns. Remember Bill Murray’s character from Caddyshack, the slightly deranged maintenance man who became obsessed with killing the gopher? Well, that’s how I see myself.

You heard me. I’m the Carl Spackler of science fiction.


But fuck it, even Spackler got a chance to pipe up every now and then. So in that spirit, I wish to recognize …

NICK MAMATAS for the way he hides his passionate insistence upon literary quality and basic human decency inside a cynical, dismissive shell. You got us all fooled, pal.

MARGUERITE REED for her passion, her righteous anger, her warrior spirit, her gifts and above all, ARCHANGEL. You have bigger balls than my dad.

DAVID T. WILBANKS for welcoming me into the haunted house, where we both came for the dark, and stayed for the metal. METAL4LIFE.  \m/

AEION SOLAR for relentlessly supporting, cheerleading and encouraging our work as a patron, reader and fan extraordinaire. Sir, you are a great gift to the science fiction community!

CAITLIN REBEKAH KIERNAN for being, quite simply, the first and best among us.

ERIC DEL CARLO for staying hungry.

SEAN SMITH for reasons too numerous to mention, and to whom I owe about a thousand drinks. Meet you in the heart of these Badlands.

WILLIAM VITKA for his never-ending guerilla war against sanity and common sense. SEE YOU ON THE FRONT LINES, COMRADE!

SILVIA MORENO-GARCIA for guarding the well, and giving water to others. (“Look for me Maria, and I’ll show you what I’ve made / It’s a picture for Our Lady of the Well …”)

TEIGHLOR DARR for being the best kept secret in Western literature.

JENN BRISSETT for ELYSIUM. And that damn elk.

JEREMIAH ISRAEL for a thousand glorious acts of intellectual vandalism.

GRAEME DUNLOP for always demanding our best, then helping our work glow in the hard night of cyberspace.

JACK SKILLINGSTEAD for always writing the truth. Beautifully.

CARRIE VAUGHAN for making the NEW YORK TIMES best-seller’s list while remaining steadfastly human, accessible and charming. You are both an inspiration and an encouragement.

CAT RAMBO for sharing bylines, generally being a pal and enduring bullshit above and beyond the call …

GREGORY NORRIS for writing at a white hot heat. (Once this man is done with his career, I swear you’ll be able to build a frigging city out of all the books he’s published …)

PETER WATTS for his unique ability to stay classy whilst confrontational.


SAMUEL R. DELANY for that unforgettable night in Bellona ….

Awright! Enough nicey-nice. Back to work, you lot!


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