Gavin’s War

GAVIN’S WAR has been green-lighted to become part of Steve Konkoly’s Perseid Collapse Kindleworlds universe. I am very excited to join Steve, Bobby Akart, Sean T. Smith and the other writers who have contributed to Steve’s ambitious, collaborative multi-volume post-apocalyptic project. I look forward to sharing my work with new readers and introducing some of mine to Steve’s world. Look for a release some time this autumn.


He was an old man who lived by himself on an island in the channel, working as a game-keeper. After the Event, when the Foundation – along with everything else – was destroyed, he just stayed on, his life more or less unchanged. Lu and Steve, a refugee couple expecting their first child, have learned that a Chinese naval force is prowling the strait, preparing to invade. Gavin knows an armada’s passage will jeopardize the ecosystem and leave his beloved wild creatures vulnerable. Reluctantly, he must set aside his hermit’s ways and join Steve and Lu on their journey from island to island to spread the news and convince the paranoid, fractious communities of Canadian survivalists to unite and make a stand.


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