Before the Sabbath

Time spent licking this WordPress site into shape cut into my writing a bit yesterday and today. Nevertheless, I finished chapter seven of Echo Tribe and have less than 20,000 words left to go. I am on track to deliver the novel to Permuted by the 31 May deadline.

In a few hours I will begin my last block of shifts before vacation. As it stands now, I spend slightly less than half of each week on the day-job and the rest of my time writing. This pattern has worked well and allowed me to get some good work done these past few years, but the pace is punishing. Days off are spent recuperating in bathrobe and slippers, like an invalid. Vacation will be much the same. My package of treats from Amazon arrived, including a copy of Jenn Brissett’s novel Elysium and DVDs of two favorites to add to my film library: Charlton Heston’s The Omega Man and Bless the Beasts and the Children, based on Glenn Swarthout’s novel. I look forward to a quiet and productive 12 days off, putting the finishing touches on the novel and enjoying these things.

But I still have to get through this block of shifts. The last few days before a vacation are always the most punishing. I’ll just focus on pushing through to those quiet afternoons and relaxing evenings that await me on the other side.

Lunar haze


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