Virtual Notebook

The world moves on and, with it, so must I …

After 6 years of managing my own writer’s website with links to my blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts and a bibliography that required a combination of data entry, typesetting and html coding skills to update, I have decided to migrate to WordPress. It’s scalable, phone-friendly, easier to manage and besides – having my blog, my bibliography and media links all in one place just makes sense.

I don’t blog probably as much as I should, although I do still maintain a handwritten journal. I’ll be writing more here soon. Think of this as my virtual notebook – a place to sketch ideas to share with readers, friends, fellow authors and any other interested parties. I will continue to maintain my FaceBook and Twitter accounts, and add links to those as I convert this shell into a workable web presence which will involve upgrading look and feel, porting the WordPress URL to my jamescribbles domain name, populating my WORKS and MEDIA pages all the while staying caught up on writing deadlines, selling more novels and short stories and attempting some semblance of a life.

Easy as re-fitting and redesigning a 747 in mid-flight. Just watch me.


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